About the Association

Mission and Vision

It is the mission of the Association to organize and promote a cooperative relationship among HUD Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes Grantees for the purpose of effectively implementing lead and healthy homes programs at the local level; to support Grantees with technical assistance and guidance; and, to provide a unified voice to strengthen the partnership between Grantees and their funding sources. By carrying out its mission, the Association helps Grantees improve the effectiveness with which they carry out their programs at the local level in order to better serve those for whom the grants are intended to help.


The Association is structured around a Board of Directors and a series of committees through which members can play a direct and active role in the affairs of the organization. The Association’s committees are listed on the Membership Sign-Up Form giving a member an opportunity to become involved in the committee of his or her choice.

Membership Services – Free to HUD Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes Grantees

Networking, Technical Assistance & Trouble-Shooting Services Association members are provided with opportunities to learn from one another about ways to improve the effectiveness of their grant programs; to exchange ideas and information; and, to ask questions of fellow grantees and technical experts through the following vehicles:

  • Web-based seminars and discussion groups
  • Call-in Q & A sessions
  • Regional and national conferences
  • Periodic technical bulletins

Mentoring Services

Members can participate in the Association’s Membership Assistance Program (MAP) to receive specialized program support services on a preferred fee basis.

Information Services

Members receive special technical and information bulletins.


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